12 DIY OF CHRISTMAS: Day 6 Christmas Wall Hanging

December 17, 2017

DAY 6: Christmas Wall Hanging

This is a super simple DIY you can do with fresh trimmings that you can add as a door knocker, wall hanging or as faux mistletoe (like I did). The smell is amazing and it adds just an extra hint of holiday charm to your home!

What You Need:
– fresh trimmings of pine, sticks, baby’s breath, fir etc.
– wire
– ribbon

What To Do:
1. Arrange fresh trimmings with larger/longer trimmings behind and small ones in front, leaving a bit of length at the top to tie
2. Wrap wire around the top of the trimmings to hold them in place
3. Cover wire with ribbon and tie in bow
4. Hang on door, wall, or ceiling

12 DIY OF CHRISTMAS: Day 5 Holiday Candles

December 16, 2017

DAY 5: Holiday Candles

I have been wanting to make candles for a while now and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity! I LOVE Christmas candles. It has to be an addiction…as I sit here I can see 9 candles in front of me….oops. But let’s be honest? Who doesn’t love the flicker of a candle on a winter’s night? This DIY is very simple, a little messy, and super cute! You can make these any season and change up fragrance to your liking!

What You Need:

– jars for candles
– soy wax flakes (enough for double of each container)
– essential or fragrance oil of your choosing
– candle wicks
– glue dots

What To Do:
1. Using glue dots, glue a wick into the centre of your jar
2. Measure out double the amount of soy wax flakes that fit in your jar
3. Using a double boiler, melt the wax
4. Once melted, remove from heat and allow to cool for 3-5 minutes
5. Add in 50-100 drops of your oil. The more oil you use, the stronger the scent
6. Carefully pour melted wax into your jar, holding the wick in place
7. Place pencils on either side of the wick to keep it standing tall while your candle dries and hardens
8. Once hardened, trim wick to about 1/2 inch
9. Wait 24 hours before using your candle!

12 DIY OF CHRISTMAS: Day 4 Felt Garland

December 15, 2017

DAY 4: Felt Garland

This has to be one of my favourite DIYs I have done this year! But let me tell you…it takes time. A few hot glue gun burns later and I LOVE how it turned out. I have had many compliments on it already! Although super easy to do, this one requires time and patience and a few Christmas movies to watch along the way.

What You Need:
– 1 metre of green felt
– white pom poms
– hot glue gun

What To Do:
1. Cut a metre of felt fabric in a think strip. This will be what you glue all your leaves to.
2. Using chalk, draw out leaves of different sizes. Make sure you have an assortment of large and small and have a small stem.
3. Hot glue leaves to make them 3D by putting a dot of hot glue near stem and pinching two sides together.
4. Hot glue stems of leaves to the strand you cut, making sure to alternate sizes and layering small leaves on top of big ones.
5. Hot glue pompoms to the garland, leaving a bit of room between each one.