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February 28, 2016

Last night a couple friends and I decided to hit the town for a girl’s night out. Since (naturally) all of us appreciate delicious food we decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner. We went to one of Edmonton’s best places to eat (in my opinion) called Bar Bricco. One of my friends had never been and I was very excited to show her what it was all about.

It is the most delicious pasta I’ve ever had! Everything about this place just screams delectable…
Joel and I frequent this place a lot but I was excited to share in the company of good friends.

            number3 (8 of 8)

Trust me, if you haven’t gone and you know whats good for you, go as soon as you can.
Just be aware they don’t take reservations!

This is my favourite dish! It is called Fonduta Agnolotti Dal Plin. You dip it into sage butter and roll it in parmigiano.. tastes like heaven! It honestly just melts in your mouth!
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This is a new dish I tried called Cotechino Sausage. it was also so so good, it felt like the sausage was just melting as well!number3 (4 of 8)

We also indulged in a charcuterie platter with some amazing cheese paired with black truffle honey and pear marmalade….

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How is it possible I am still salivating! If you live in the Edmonton area and you haven’t checked this place out, please please do. It will not disappoint!

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  • Reply april February 28, 2016 at 11:31 pm

    i will read your words and look at your pretty photos and sometimes i will do what you tell me to.

    way to go, girlie.


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