Clothing Purge!

March 3, 2016

The weather here is having a mind of its own. Usually we are knee deep in snow, but I hear the spring birds chirping and see the snow melting as I sit here writing this. Has spring sprung early? (I shouldn’t speak too soon). I do have to say that with changes of season I am always pushed into a go get ‘em mood. I become super energized with the higher temperatures and feel like I can do anything I set my mind too. (If only this was all the time, then I would have nothing to complain about in my life – here’s to dreaming!)

Even though my thoughts on beautiful spring days may be a bit premature, I decided to do a little spring cleaning. Now something I don’t share in common with many is that I love organizing! If I could just organize things all day, I probably would. Many of you might be thinking I’m crazy! Why would you waste time organizing when you could be doing more enticing things! Well I will tell you: somehow organizing just calms my life right down. After having a space changed I feel very rejuvenated and (similar to changes in seasons) ready to tackle anything. So if you are looking for a bit of help – I got you covered 😉

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I always start at one end of my house and work my way down when it comes to cleaning/organizing. Giving the initial chaos some order makes it all seem very manageable (and that is a good thing, right?). So the other day I decided to start with my closet…

Joel has me do a monthly purge, and although I hate it, I swear it works. I know, I know, getting rid of things is HARD. Ooof, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve snuck articles of clothing BACK into my closet…hehe. But if you set your mind to it, you can do it… at least that is what they say.

Whenever I go to purge my closet, I always make sure the rest of my room is CLEAN. This always helps me think straight. Having a messing room and trying to organize other mess, it’s just too much mess.


So after I have cleaned my room and made by bed I begin taking things out of the closet.
Like I said before, I love organizing, and so my closet is usually already colour coordinated. But, if this is not you, and that is totally normal, then just take out all your items at once. I usually organize my items based on their colour, then sort through each pile on their own. Small, short steps feel less overwhelming.

Once my items are sorted by their colour, I usually organize them in an order of favourite shirt, 2nd favourite, etc… until I’m left with the “if I ABSOLUTELY have to, I suppose I could live without this” shirt. I always make sure to start with my favourite, because usually that is easier to pick. Once I do that, I set the last place shirt aside, and move on to the next pile.

Generally as a rule, which I am sure you have heard before, if I haven’t worn it in the last 6 months (not weather dependant if it’s a summer item), then it automatically goes in the last place pile.

Once your last place pile has been made I always go through it one last time. When looking at each item I always think to myself why I picked it last; maybe it hung funny, maybe it’s old, by the style is out, etc. Try to find a reason for each item. 

If you are finding this really difficult, which I completely understand, try putting them all in a bag, and storing them away for a few days. If there are any items that keep resurfacing in your head, look at them again, if you don’t think about them… release them!


I then go back to my other clothes. I always organize based on colour palette and see that outfits go with each other. Sometimes we keep things that don’t go with ANYTHING else we own.. now if you are purging this doesn’t mean go and buy the skirt that matches the top, it’s a simple: this isn’t working in my wardrobe and maybe will work better for someone else. (Sometimes this choice is impossible but when minimizing we have to try not to make excuses!)


Another problem I run into all the time is things that hold nostalgia (like concert tees). I have finally decided that if I haven’t worn it in forever, it should just go. This was a hard decision to make because it feels like I am throwing away memories, but in the end, I always remember the show more than the tee. Usually after I go back to my original winner piles, I always find just a couple extra pieces that I can get rid of.




Once I bag them all up, I reorganize my closet, trying to make it as less cluttered as possible. Whenever I see my closet organized again, I always feel good about my decision.

We usually donate our useful clothing to the homeless and those in need, which is a win win in my opinion!

Hope this helps! If you have any other useful tips, feel free to share!

Enjoy your purging!


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