Local Eats: Tres Carnales

March 5, 2016

One of my favourite places to eat in the city is Tres Carnales! They are a Mexican restaurant that does Mexican food right.

Because I grew up in Mexico, I’m not easily fooled about the “Tex Mex” cuisine. This is the place that does authentic Mexican tacos. And its soooooo good. Also that atmosphere is perfect and makes me feel like I’m right back in the heart of Mexico City.

The decorations are truly Mexican and the paintings of mariachis and Frida Kahlo fit right in (which were painted by our friend!)

Whenever we go, we always order Guacamole y Totopos because this is like a meal staple in my opinion. I ordered the Tacos de Pollo and they come with Salsa Verde which is so so so yummy too! And to drink a Jarrito’s Mexican Cola 🙂

If you are into Mexican food check this place out, it is so delicious. No reservations though, so be prepared to wait!

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Guacamole y Totopos with my Jarrito Mexican Cola

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This is the sign they give you when you sit down so they know where to bring your food. They gave us the gross one!

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Those are the paintings our friend did!

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So so so yummy! I wish I was still eating these.

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Some Mexican decorations!

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