Early Mornings

March 10, 2016

Getting up in the mornings isn’t too hard for me to do (as long as it is after 8 hehe). But I always seem to have less time than anticipated to get things ready. I’m a person who hates being late and so making sure I have enough time to get stuff done in the morning is key.

When I know I have a busy morning ahead and will be staying out for the day, I always prepare myself for it the night before. (Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take a tonne of time… I just sometimes get lazy and don’t want to…) But having everything organized and ready in the morning just boosts me right into motion for the day.

Things I do to prepare are:

  1. Have my breakfast ready to go. Tea bag in my mug (and water in the kettle!!! — saves time, I swear!)
  2. Pack a nice healthy lunch with enough snacks to keep me tied over for the day.
  3. Have my toothbrush, face wash, towel, make-up etc. all ready to go.
  4. Set aside my outfit (this is such a time saver… I will take everything out of my closet just to find an outfit in the morning)
  5. Shower at night and straighten my hair. This way my hair holds out into the next day and saves me 30 minutes!
  6. Leave a little note for myself to start the day off right 😉

Sometimes getting out the door can be the hardest part of my day!

If you have any early morning tricks, please let me know, I’m always looking for ways to cut down time when I have a big day ahead.

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Throwing a smoothie together the night before saves so much time! Just throw it in the blender!

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This cat would find a way into all my pictures if I let her!

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