Making Habits

March 15, 2016

Habits have always been a tricky thing for me. I can get obsessed with something good for me but then drop it out of nowhere and find it super hard to get back! Then on the other hand I struggle with breaking the bad habits I have. Why can’t it be the opposite? (if only life were that easy…)

Making sure that I am living a healthy lifestyle has become very important to me in the past few months. I have been having a lot of health problems with stomach issues and so taking the proper steps to ensure that I am being kindest to my body is very important right now.

Whenever I’ve focused on creating new habits in the past I always made myself feel really guilty if I happened to break a habit, which makes me feel super crummy.. and who wants that? When I started to shift my focus into not putting pressure on those habits everything became easier. The more I said to myself that if I didn’t do something one time I would have failed and there was no point continuing, then I ended up breaking my good habit entirely! As soon as I changed my thoughts to: I missed it this once, but this is when I can do it tomorrow, then I found myself sticking to things longer.

It’s also important for me to know exactly WHY I am making this habit. Telling myself “to be healthier” isn’t enough. What about being healthy do I want? When I become more specific and say “I want to be healthier so that I have more energy to complete my tasks, have time for people I care about, and remain in a positive mindset about my self image” then it is a lot more likely I will want to do the daily “chore”.

Giving myself a time frame also helps me. If I give myself a light at the end of the tunnel it makes it seem much more achievable. Setting a weekly habit goal and trying to commit for just one week isn’t that bad! (and guess what? when that week is done, you can set another one!)

Once it’s all broken down it all seems much more manageable and I can trick my brain into making lifestyle changes without even knowing it!

This weeks habit goals for me are:

  1. Drink ONLY water. I honestly don’t drink enough fluids as it is, but making sure I take in water is so important for my digestion so this is a big one for me!!number3 (4 of 14)
  2. Floss my teeth. This habit is so hard. But when I think about dental bills… it really gets my butt into gear. 
  3. number3 (1 of 14) Do cardio everyday. I usually exercise everyday with yoga, but adding cardio to my routine boosts my energy and my attention span.number3 (10 of 14)

I challenge you to set some habit goals and see if you can make it until the end of the week with me! Also, if you have advice on how you make habits, let me know!number3 (2 of 14) number3 (3 of 14)number3 (5 of 14) number3 (6 of 14) number3 (7 of 14)
number3 (9 of 14)
number3 (11 of 14) number3 (12 of 14) number3 (13 of 14)

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