Grocery Prep

March 26, 2016

I can’t believe Easter snuck up on us this fast! It really feels like it was just Christmas. It amazes me how the older we get, the faster time flies!

Joel and I decided to host Easter dinner this year for my family, and I’m super pumped for the meal 😉 Once we roughly decided on what we wanted to eat we made our grocery list.

For some reason grocery shopping seems super simple and easy, but I swear I always used to leave with more items than I needed that would just go bad in my fridge! (There must be others like me….) Joel and I do not like to create much waste and so planning our grocery trip has been a recent addition to our lives.

The first thing we do is look at the recipes we want to make for the next couple meals and then tab them in the recipe books. We love to cook (isn’t it great that Joel LOVES to cook??) and so we are always searching for fun, healthy, and delicious recipes to make at home. Once everything is decided, I sit down to make a grocery list.

The main thing about grocery lists is to try to organize them by how you will find the items in the store. I always will write out what I need for each meal, and then organize it by produce, refrigerated/frozen goods, dry goods, and canned goods (or whatever other category you need). This actually doesn’t take that long, and saves SO MUCH TIME at the store. If you don’t have to keep backtracking then you can cut your shopping time in half!

If you are the type of person who will buy a lot of treats that your craving, try to just write one treat down on your list. Then STICK to your list! Only buy what’s on there and don’t go crazy for anything else you see!

It honestly helps so much get the job done (especially if you hate shopping), and you will have way less waste because you are only shopping for what you need!

Stay tuned to see how our Easter dinner turns out 😉
I’m also planning a meal prep blog post later on!

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In case you are wondering: Recipe box from Rifle Paper Co, Shirt from Anthropologie (sold out), Recipe cards made by Joel!

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