Local Eats: SFC

March 29, 2016

Okay so we heard from a few friends that this was the place to go for fried chicken. We actually tried to go a couple weeks ago but the wait was an hour and we were too hungry to wait! So this time we decided to plan ahead and call to order for pick up. (You should probably do this too, unless you want to wait in a crazy line!!!!)
We ended up getting to skip the line, and people were mad (sorry chicken lovers!).

It was REALLY good I do have to say. We got the 20 piece chicken deal, pesto macaroni salad, and potato slaw, and it was all delicious. The chicken wasn’t greasy at all and had just the perfect amount of salt on it!

If you feel like having some delicious takeout, I really recommend this place! Unfortunaley they do not have a website but they are called SFC – Seoul Fried Chicken and they are on 104 St and 79 ave!

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