Flower Wall Art

April 5, 2016

I was looking for a new project to do and because I have been obsessed with spring flowers lately I decided to make some sort of spring wall art. I browsed the ever so faithful pinterest and found some inspiration for the flower wall art here!

It’s a very simple project however it requires time and patience!
Here is what I did!

What you need:
Coffee Filters (I used about 400 for my giant frame. Each individual flower has 3-5 filters)
Food Colouring
Hot Glue Gun
and just a wee bit of time!

How to do it:

1. Decide on which colours you are going to make for your flowers. Fill some bowls with water and 15-20 drops of food colouring. (This will be for your darkest shades – I did three separate shades for each colour)

2. Soak coffee filters in darkest dye for about 2-5 minutes. (You can do this in stacks, no problem)

3. Once the time is up, remove from dye and ring out. Separate them to dry (it will take WAY less time if they are separated, I promise!)

4. For the medium shade, dump out a bit of your dye and add some water. (I eyeballed this as some shades needed more water than others)

5. Soak coffee filters for only a brief second! Remove, ring out, and separate to dry.

6. For the lightest shade, dump out 90 percent of dye and add water. Soak briefly and remove.

7. Once all filters are dry, cut the darkest shade with pointy edges and the two lighter shades with round edges.

8. Fit the darkest shade in the centre and hot glue it to another filter. Play around with layering the different shades to give a more natural effect.

9. Once all your flowers are made, scrunch them up so they look more flower-like.

10. Glue in whatever order or pattern you wish to your frame and voila!

number3 (1 of 19)number3 (2 of 19) number3 (12 of 19) number3 (11 of 19) number3 (9 of 19) number3 (17 of 19) number3 (13 of 19) number3 (10 of 19) number3 (8 of 19) number3 (6 of 19)
number3 (5 of 19) number3 (16 of 19)

Let me know if you have any other ideas for uses for coffee filter flowers!

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