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April 21, 2016

As mentioned in previous posts, Joel and I have been trying to find ways to stay active and have fun. Finding ways to interact with each other while exercising has been beneficial in so many ways! Not only is it something we are doing regularly and part of our routine now, but I actually LOOK FORWARD to it. Here is a little video we made of some quick little partner activities you can do with a soccer ball or medicine ball etc. Doing these and then playing a game of keep away touches on a lot of fitness bases! They are also fun when you do them together! Below the video is a little more info on our new routine and physical/mental health!

Fitness has always been a funny thing for me. Growing up dancing everyday of the week kept me in really great shape but I never felt like I was “working out”. Nowadays I find I’m seeking the same thing. As soon as it is my intention to “work out” I feel like my brain sends signals to my body telling me to get tired faster. But when my intention is to do an activity (that just happens to be good for the body) then it becomes so much easier.

If you know me you probably know that I always have to be on the move. Sitting still is just not in my genetic make-up (I swear!). I’ve always been very active, whether that be practicing yoga very regularly, dancing, hiking…etc. Lately my body has been going through some rough health things (more for another post another time) so trying to give myself the energy and the PATIENCE with my body to do all the things it is used to doing has been a real struggle, both physically and mentally. Swimming these days has been a lifesaver! We have been hitting the pool to do laps twice a week. Not only has it been a good workout, but the water has been so easy on my body that I’m hardly in pain which is amazing! On top of that I am going to yoga (what was once 5 days has now been tuned down to 2 or 3… but I’ll work my way back up!), as well as doing workouts at home and fun things with Joel.

On top of all the fitness we have been trying to adjust or food as well (yet again more health stuff) but it has been really good for us to see what our patterns were and how we can change them. Adding more protein to our diet has been very helpful for energy! And remember this post I made about drinking more water. Well I’ve done it! (My friend told be about this app called Plant Nanny and you just water a plant on your phone every time you drink and you can’t let it die. It also reminds you to drink water!) These changes have been super beneficial as well.

I know of many people who struggle with self-image and body shaming and I am one! My whole life has been like that. Even though I have been in good shape most of my life, I never really feel entirely comfortable in my skin. I am a person who builds muscle like nobodies business. This has only recently been something I am attempting to accept. Finding jeans that fit over my dancer thighs has always been a struggle, but learning to embrace that and know that it is literally strength and not a weakness has been a big challenge I’m starting to overcome. Being fit and going outside has done wonders for my mental health. You never really realize how sun benefits you until it is gone. Moving your body everyday in whatever way makes you feel good is so important! Taking my health into my own hands lately has been a big thing. Also being vulnerable on this blog and the internet too! I’m so happy to have support all around me all the time!

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to share in case there are other people who feel alone in this or are looking for ways to help their fitness routine! If you are a lover of fitness check out YEGfitness for other great ideas!

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