Art Gallery of Alberta

April 23, 2016

Now that I have rescheduled my life to give myself a day off (amazing, I know!) it has been such a blessing. I didn’t realize how much I was needing it until it finally happened. Joel and I have been taking full advantage of this time together as usually we don’t get to spend as much time together as we would like. This has also given us an opportunity to do more in the city. Edmonton is full of so much to see and explore especially in the spring and summer. We headed to the Art Gallery of Alberta to check out “The Blur in Between” which is an exhibit about function and aesthetics of design in art. It was right up Joel’s alley (being he is a graphic designer and all). We both really enjoyed it! On the second level was an exhibition of “7: Professional Native Indian Artists Inc.” Some of the artwork in that exhibition really captivated me. There was one particular artist that stood out for me named Alex Janvier. The colours were really bright and captivating and all the lines were so fine and clean. I wish I could show a picture but photos weren’t allowed in that exhibit. If you want to check out his work here is his website. I find as an adult I am able to appreciate art more. My mother, being and artist, used to take us to galleries all the time but I don’t think I really looked at the artwork through the same eyes. Joel and I spent a few minutes trying to find all the different animals in a particular piece of art and it made me think how incredible it is that artists are able to manipulate form enough to disguise certain objects in the layers of the paint. Here are a few pictures from our trip! Check it out if you can! The design exhibit runs until May 8 and the Native exhibit until July 3!

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