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April 28, 2016

Packing for a trip can be a daunting task. I usually procrastinate just because thinking about it makes me anxious. My last few trips I have been able to find a packing style that works well for me and allows me to pack light! The most important tip I can give is just take what you need. In the past I would always end up bringing way more than I needed and my suitcase would be so heavy and full! Now I am able to bring only a carry-on with all the stuff I need.

Here is my secret!

First of all make sure you have a bag that is under the requirements for carry-on. We picked up our bags from here. What I like about this bag is that the inner pouch is removable and washable. There is a laptop compartment separate from the main body of the bag which is easy to access and you can roll up the top for more space if you need!

Before I even begin packing, I always plan out what I am going to be doing and how long my stay will be. If there are specific activities I am doing on my trip, I want to make sure I have the appropriate clothing for what I am doing. Function over fashion here – unless of course you can do both 😉 I make a list (me and my lists!) for each day and exactly what I plan on wearing. When doing this, mix and matching clothes is such an easy way to limit your clothing amounts! If you stick with a similar colour palette for your wardrobe on vacation, your wearing options can double with half the amount of clothes.

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Once I have written everything down, I set out my clothes by the day they will be worn. This is a good visual to see how much you are actually taking. Make sure you have shoes that will go with most, if not all, outfits. I always pack some nice shoes and some comfy shoes because you always need something to walk in! When everything you have is laid out in front of you, see what you can combine even further. Having one cardigan or jacket rather than a separate one for each outfit can save so much space.

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Next thing I do is put all my clothes in these little garment bags. You can pick them up at the dollar store and its a nice way of keeping everything folded nice and together. I separate mine by garment style (ex. dresses in one, shirts in another, socks and underwear in another etc.) But you can also choose to separate them based on the day, if that works for you as well!

I always put my shoes in a separate bag so that they don’t dirty my clothes.

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Next up is toiletries. This can be a hard one if you want to take a carry-on because you are limited in liquids. What I do is pack all the basics. I take face wipes instead of face wash, my face cream doubles as make-up, etc. Make sure you can pack all your liquids into a small plastic bag. I opt out of packing things I can purchase when I arrive that I need like disposable razors. It’s super easy to pick up those kinds of things at a local drug store and save the worry of having to check your bag. Make sure you keep everything all together to make security easier. I got this cute toiletry bag from here.

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An easy way to create new looks on vacation without changing your outfit entirely is to do different hairstyles and add different jewelry and lip colours. This takes up hardly any space and can transform an entire outfit.

Once I have everything I need I quickly go over my list one last time before packing. Once my bag is full I make sure I have my passport and a book and my journal ready to go. Remember only take what you need! Happy travels!

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