Orlando Fringe

June 3, 2016

Fringe festivals are so unique in their own little ways but I have to say that the Orlando Fringe has to be one of my favourites. Although the streets don’t fill quite like Edmonton’s do, the spirit is still strong. What I love most about the Orlando Fringe is how easy it is to make connections with artists and the camaraderie that forms out of that. Having gone two years now it was interesting to see what it felt like a second time. I have to say that it was equally welcoming and laid back as it was last year. Everyone is there just to enjoy themselves it seemed and I was happy to be alongside them doing the same thing. The way that the Orlando Fringe is set up makes everything so easily accessible and close by. All the venues surround Orlando Loch Haven Park and right in the centre of the park is the beer garden. I love how close everything is because you are always running in to people you know and everyone is just hanging out in the same area. The organization of the fringe is awesome as well. I never felt lost, without information, and it was very easy to know what shows were playing at what time and where. The fringe has been running now for 25 years and you can tell they have got it under their wing. When we were there we stayed with billets. We were split into two different houses this year, but the house the girls were staying at had 5 dogs. They were so cute and most were rescues. Our billet was awesome and a big fring-er as well. He did pharmaceutical by day and was a rock star by night. One evening he invited us to do some improvised songs between two of his sets at a show which was a lot of fun. Our other billet had access to a pool and a volleyball court which we took full advantage of. We were also lucky enough to score some tickets to Universal Studios and Disneyworld which was awesome (you can see more in my Orlando video so stay tuned) All in all this festival felt very worth it to be a part of. I definitely have formed friendships that will carry on throughout the years. I hope to be back and work alongside an amazing team like I did this year! And I can’t complain about the weather either 😉

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