The Importance of Travelling

June 7, 2016

Travelling has been apart of my life ever since I can remember. My mother’s love of travelling was instilled in me and I hope that love never dies. A lot of people ask me how I can afford to travel as much as I do and so I thought I’d write this post on why I spend my money on travelling.

First of all I have to say how THANKFUL I am that I have a partner in crime that loves travelling as much as I do. Joel is just as adventurous as I am and that makes our decision to make travelling a priority a no-brainer! A goal that has been on my bucket-list is to travel somewhere I have never been at least once a year, and so far I have accomplished that. I believe that being in a different place and culture allows you to take a step back from it all and observe life from the outside. When I travel I get to see how the world turns without influence of my life and it is very humbling.

Having grown up in Mexico City I was able to be immersed in such a different culture and lifestyle that really gave me an appreciation of the diversity of the world. Being able to explore these different cultures allows me to understand, appreciate and learn about how other lives are being lived. It all sounds very cheesy but it is so true.

I value experience more than anything. I would rather spend my money on an experience than on possession because the memory will always be valuable, whereas possessions tend to lose their value with time. I love how full my life is and how much I have been able to discover and see.

Being able to travel as frequently as we do really comes down to how we travel. Here are some tips on what we do!

1. Joel and I are always looking for the best deals on flights. A lot of times we choose where we go based on the cost to get there. Of course there are places we definitely want to see but we know that we will get there soon enough so it doesn’t worry us that some of those places may not happen right away.

2. Another thing we do is to not make excuses. I know a lot of people that want to travel but always find an excuse to not go. We know there is always going to be compromises we have to make but we know that the experience we have will be worth it.

3. Another helpful thing is that the nature of Joel’s work allows him to work from anywhere. Unfortunately not everyone has the option but if you can find a way to make money while you are away it is always very helpful.

4. Because we are young and don’t have kids, we are comfortable staying in cheaper accommodations. Hostels are a great way to travel cheap if you are able to sleep in a room with other people. Some hostels have private bedrooms as well. Airbnb, camping (if you can), and staying with friends are also great money savers.

5. Packing lightly so that we only have carry on luggage saves us at least $100 on baggage fees a trip. If you are able to pack smart and not check any bags that is an extra bit of cash in your pocket!

6. Joel and I LOVE food. We eat out quite a bit to try different cuisine. When travelling though we always budget for ONE nice dinner. This way we have one special memory of a place that we ate and we don’t spend a tonne of money on food. If we can we cook as much as possible on our trips. This is really easy to do if you are at a hostel, airbnb, or camping.

7. On our travels we try not to shop very much. I like my souvenirs to be the experiences we have as well as the photos/video we take. Unless it is something we will truly use back home we tend to save our money.

8. Both Joel and I have cards that get us points for flights/accommodation. If you are able to get a credit card that gets points for travel it will add up! Trust me!

9. When we travel of course there are a lot of things we want to see. A big thing I like to avoid is tourist grabs. A lot of times their will be excursions that cost a fortune! I like to choose certain activities I want to do ahead of time and shop around online for the best prices before I book anything. Thinking about what will make our trip feel worthwhile while still being careful with money is a good thing.

10. Lastly we always try to plan our big trips a long time in advance so that we give ourselves time to save up. Smaller trips can be more last minute but usually each year we take one big trip and giving ourselves time to save is a big thing!

Hopefully this is helpful to anyone who wants to travel! Happy travels!

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