Sunday Softball!

June 22, 2016

I sound like a broken record but I just love summer! There is so much to cross off my summer bucket list that I am feeling a bit overwhelmed! If you need some help planning your summer you can look at this post where I mention all the festivals in Edmonton that are happening in the summer and their dates!

On Sunday night we got together with a group of friends to play a game of softball. Most of us were very unexperienced but I have to say we all did pretty good. I managed to hit the ball each time which was exciting! I find it’s hard to get a group of friends together with everyones busy schedules but I love that we had enough people come to make two teams! I really hope that we are able to get together more this summer to play more games (and not just softball). I have to tell you I was VERY sore the next day…. I obviously haven’t used my softball muscles in some years….

Here are a few pictures of our game! I have been playing around with my editing lately so let me know what you think! I am wanting to brighten my photos a bit more without losing details so if you have any pointers let me know! I’m having fun learning because I am in no way (and I mean no way) a professional photographer!!! But here is to learning!!!

(Also if you are wanting to play some team sports this summer, let me know!)

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