Chilling Out!

June 26, 2016

This time of year is insane. Everything is wrapping up all at once and so there are a million things to do. This weekend particularly was crazy busy for me. We had our final show of the season for improv, my students had their year end recital, my brother was in town, Joel and I are sorting out our move, we have a wrap up party for improv and on top of it all I have been sick! It is almost done but this weekend has nearly driven me insane. It’s moments like that where I need to step back and realize I have more time than I think, and that I am more prepared than I think. I have always been a perfectionist and so the feeling of not having everything completely under control gets me a bit stressy. Luckily I’ve (almost) made it through the weekend alive and kicking. Joel has been super patient with me this weekend and has been my saving grace! He has done everything from make me lunch to typing out my programs for my recitals. Thank goodness for this man.

After doing so many things this weekend I thought it was highly necessary to just CHILL OUT. I decided I was going to pamper myself a bit to end the weekend off. I never used to like taking baths but I am giving it a whole other try…and I have to say they are growing on me. I picked up a bath bomb and bubble bar at LUSH awhile ago and have been waiting for the perfect time to use it and this feels like the right moment. I love the lush bath bombs because they just make the bath feel so much prettier! The one I got has rose petals in the middle (how sweet is that). I love to throw in some bath salts as well because heaven knows my muscles need it! I also have a hair mask to just help my stressed out hair calm dow again and be nice and silky smooth. I took the time to paint my nails and I found an awesome tutorial on how to do marble nails the other day so I will show you soon my results! And to top it all off I grabbed a nice feel good novel to go along with it. I don’t pamper myself that often but after the weekend I have had I feel like it is highly needed! I am feeling ready to kick start this summer! Joel and I are off again this coming weekend and I am excited to show you guys our next adventure!
If you need it, give yourself a chance to relax! You won’t regret it!!!

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