Wasa Lake!

July 5, 2016

As you know, on the weekend Joel and I made a trip to Kimberley, BC with family. It was such a nice and relaxing weekend that I think it was worth the 7.5 hour drive each way. I can’t tell you how much needed our getaway was. With everything wrapping down from the school year and now things picking up for the summer it was nice to break it up with a trip to the mountains. On Saturday we decided to head to Wasa Lake for a few hours to soak in some mountain sun and to swim in some mountain water. Because Wasa lake is only about a 20 min drive from Kimberley we put on our suits and headed there for a few hours. I was a bit sad because there was a bit of an overcast that day but I STILL managed to get a sunburn! (Why is my skin so Scottish?) It was a cute lake that was surrounded by a lovely view of mountains. We took some floaties and decided to float on the water before we were brave enough to jump right in!

I am not sure what it is about the mountains but I just feel so relaxed and at home there. It is so peaceful just sitting in amongst the glorious cliffs and pine trees. I somehow manage to forget everything back home everytime I am by the Rockies. I think I could probably live in a mountain town one day (as long as its not too far from the ocean!). Maybe its because most people who live in mountain towns are retired but I find the energy is just so slow and laidback which is not like my usual energy at all! I want to talk more about why it is important to change your pace sometimes. I know in my life that I am very good (almost too good) at saying YES. I say yes to just about anything and a lot of times it puts me in situations where I know I shouldn’t be. I think it is so important to take life by the reigns and just drive yourself somewhere, but there has to be a balance. Something I really want to work on is finding that balance and knowing which opportunities are right for me at the time, and which ones won’t challenge me in the right ways. Being able to say no is something that terrifies me. I am always worried that if I say no now that the opportunity will pass me by next time. I need to learn to let go of that and say YES to more me time. I am always reminded when I go to the mountains how important it is to take a step back and breathe. Without a moment to refocus yourself everything can get so overwhelming so fast. While I am good at pushing those feelings down, I know that this vacation was much needed and so worth the “no’s” I had to give people to get there. Changing my pace in life allows me to have a more honest reflection on who I am and how I am. Giving myself time to slow down really allows me to take the time to appreciate all the wonderful things I have and understand that I don’t need much (just a mountain or two) to feel truly content and at peace.

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