Hiking, Berry Picking, and Mini Golf!

July 7, 2016

I had such a good time in Kimberley last weekend. Even though it’s a tiny little mountain town there was still plenty to do and see! We filmed a short video (and used our new drone!!!) so I will post that soon. I just have to say drones are so cool! It’s amazing what you get to see that you wouldn’t see from the ground. I am so happy we got our drone, we have had a tonne of fun playing around with it so far and I can’t wait for you to see the footage.

I have talked a bit in recent posts about how important it is to get away sometimes and refresh yourself. I haven’t talked much about what there is to do in Kimberley incase you decide to go there! So that’s what I am going to do. Kimberley is a mountain town, so naturally if you went in the winter it would be hustling and bustling with skiers and snowboarders. We plan on going back in the winter if we can to do some skiing. Going in the summer though, there was no shortage of things to do!

We were staying right on the mountain at Northstar Mountain Village Resort. The condos are great as they have a private deck with a hot tub that we took full advantage of! There is also a public pool if that suits your fancy too! As mentioned in a previous post we walked around the town. There are a bunch of cute little boutique shops and restaurants that you can look around. One that had a lot of unique things was called Arrow and Axe. We ended up getting a really cool little rubber lint brush (it sounds silly but it works really well and it is reusable–way more environmentally friendly!) Besides walking around the town, there are no shortage of trails. If you are into hiking there is definitely lots of hiking to do around Kimberley and for all different levels! We went for an off-trail hike to go huckleberry picking. We were planning on bringing enough back for a pie but it’s a bit too early in the season so we didn’t get enough, but they were still tasty! Another bonus about being in the mountains is how easy it is to find wildlife. We stumbled on a little bambi and he was not scared of us at all! I was able to get so close to him and he just kept grazing. It was pretty amazing. Just outside of Kimberley there are some lakes that are beautiful to swim or boat on. They weren’t too busy too so that was really nice. Golfing is a big thing in Kimberley too. We were wanting to do a round of golf but just didn’t have enough time, so we opted for mini golf which was just as fun! I haven’t golfed in years but I managed to do pretty well! We had a pretty jammed packed weekend, but I really recommend spending a couple days in Kimberley if you can. We had a lot of fun and hope to go out again soon. 🙂
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