Why 25 Is A Big Birthday For Me!

July 11, 2016

Tomorrow is my birthday! It snuck up on me so fast. I remember as a kid I used to wait and wait for my birthday and then all of a sudden it had happened and I was waiting for the next. I feel as I get older this process just happens faster and faster. Birthdays for me have always been a time to reflect on my life and my goals. I always feel like it is a new start and a chance to better myself without the strings of the previous year holding on. This particular birthday is a big one for me. Not because it’s 25, a quarter century, the time when you are supposed to figure things out…no. It’s different because it has always meant something else in my head.

Now to some of you this may sound a bit morbid, crazy, or even a bit silly, but I have always had a sickening feeling in my stomach that I wouldn’t make it to 25. You are probably reading this thinking that it’s ridiculous and that I shouldn’t be thinking like that but I have never been able to shake it. It wasn’t until a year and a half ago when I was diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) that I learned that this was a symptom of people who have been through serious trauma. This is a conversation that I wish to open up about in the near future as I know that a lot of people suffer from mental illness and there is a lot of stigma around the topic. I promise that I will open up about it more when I feel the time is right and when I feel I have the right words to say. The reason I bring it up now (and so close to a moment of celebration) is because of what this milestone means to me. By turning 25 I have proven to myself that this thought is just that…a thought. It by no means has dictated the length of my life and has shown me that I can and will overcome the things that set me back.

I wanted to do a post on things I want to work on over the next year, in regards to my mental and physical health, as well as my relationships and self-worth. I am going to do a post soon on self-love and ways to work on achieving that (I know a lot of us women suffer from this!) so stay tuned. But here is my list of goals for my 25th year.

  1. Choose the positive outlook first. This is something I know so many of us can work on. Choosing to look at the positive side of situations and giving people the benefit of the doubt rather than complaining or being dissapointed is something that I really want to work on.
  2. Take a moment to breathe in the morning. I am so go-go-go and often in the morning I get up and am moving around before I have even acknowledged the fact that I am alive and well. Taking a moment to breathe and ease in to the day may help to relieve my stress.
  3. Drink water. Oh boy am I bad at this. I’m surprised I haven’t passed out with dehydration. Drinking more water is going to improve health all around and it’s really not hard to do.
  4. Say no to projects that don’t benefit me. I have a very hard time saying no as I am sure a lot of you do as well! I want to work on accepting the fact that saying no to a project isn’t a road block but in fact a simple change in direction to new opportunities.
  5. Learn to love my “faults”. We all have things about ourselves we don’t particularly like. I want to be more loving of myself and the “faults” I perceive myself to have. (I’m going to do a whole post and challenge on self-love and I hope you all join!)
  6. Purchase wisely, waste less. Joel and I are generally pretty good at our purchases but I know that sometimes I will buy something that I don’t need or will go to waste. I want to try to work on wasting less.
  7. Get outside every morning. This a really simple thing, but just spending 5-10 minutes outside in the morning to wake myself up with fresh air always puts me in a better mood.
  8. Listen to more records. Lately I have been neglecting my record player and I need to put all my amazing records to good use.
  9. Volunteer. Our community is a great one but I know there is so much a person can do with their time to help out so I want to get out and volunteer a bit more this year.
  10. Travel. Now I know you know I love to travel. I beat that topic over the head a few times. But I always make it my goal to go somewhere new every year and next year is no exception.

Here’s to a year of growing older and healthier. Thanks for all the love! This blog has been such a positive thing and I am so happy that I have you reading. Big love! xx

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