Edmonton International Street Performers Festival

July 16, 2016

As mentioned before, the city is full of things to do over the summer! Yesterday, Joel and I decided to hit up the street performers festival in Churchill Square. I have wandered through a couple times since I work so close by but it was nice to sit down and enjoy some of the acts. I have a close connection to street performing/circus. I have taught circus camps, taken aerial arts and worked with some amazing performers in my life so I have a huge appreciation for the acts that take the streets. Their ability to put on some quality entertainment without any of the bells and whistles is what I love the most.

One thing that I REALLY love about the street performers festival is the engagement with the audience, and more specifically, the kids. We got to watch some really entertaining kids. There was one specific little guy who just had the FUNNIEST eyebrows. Every time the performer got him to do a trick, we would raise this eyebrow as if to say “look how impressive I am!” The whole audience was giggling. Another kid that really stood out was this tiny little girl who was in a cast that went from her leg all the way up around her armpits but she just danced her little heart out. It was very endearing.

There are some really good quality acts from contortionists to jugglers to dancers. If you have a moment this weekend I suggest you check them out! There are also food trucks to keep your hunger at bay if you need! If you do go, make sure to bring some cash to pay the performers!

number3 (23 of 26)

See what I mean with those eyebrows?? ^^^

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What a cutie! ^^^

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This performer fit her whole body in this box! ^^^

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