Local Eats: Phobulous

July 18, 2016

Whenever I am feeling sick or sluggish I always crave a warm bowl of pho. Something about it just soothes everything and makes me feel so much better. A place that Joel and I like to frequent for a nice bowl of pho is Phobolous. It’s situated in a little strip of businesses on 109 st. with the most awful parking lot but to me it’s worth the parking struggle.
The staff at this restaurant are so friendly and welcoming and the service is generally pretty fast! It’s really the kind of service I appreciate when I am sick and just want something to satisfy my hunger!! I always always always order the Pholicious (the well-done steak) and Joel gets the Phoreal (aren’t the names so funny??). I find the broth to be quite flavourful but I always gotta add in some hot sauce and hoisin..mmmm. We almost always get the green onion cakes as well because they are SUPER tasty. They aren’t very greasy which I like but they are super flavourful and delicious! I highly recommend checking this place out if you want some decent pho for a decent price! They always give a delicious little candy at the end too which just adds a cherry on top 🙂

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