Girls Trip To Jasper!

July 26, 2016

This past weekend I headed to Jasper with a handful of my favourite girls to just get out of the city and enjoy the outdoors. Usually it’s Joel and I who travel together but it is nice to get away with good friends every once in a while and this group of girls are particularly great. It was just so nice to set up camp and hike around the area, enjoying the beautiful views and all the wildlife. We got lucky and saw a grizzly! Thankfully we were in our car, but some crazy tourists were getting pretty close and I was a bit worried for them!

If you haven’t been to Jasper you have to go! It is one of my favourite mountain towns. There are so many beautiful lakes and waterfalls around the area and you can never run out of things to do if you like the outdoors. The town itself is super quaint and cute and just walking around the town you feel like you are slowing down and enjoying the outdoors.

We drove up on Friday and on our way in we came across SO many elk! There were at least 30 I would say. It was so cute to see all the baby elk hopping through the forest at the side of the road. One thing I love about national parks is that the animals basically control the traffic. They always have right of way and for the most part people are very respectful of their presence.

We stayed at a campsite called Wapiti. I am a tent camper! I know a lot of my friends would prefer the trailer to the tent, but there is just something about sleeping in the real outdoors and making your home for yourself that just speaks camping to me. We have an awesome tent that is so big! I can stand up in it which I love. We managed to fit all 5 of us in their comfortably and despite some noisy neighbours the first night, we had good sleeps and kept warm!

On Saturday we hiked Maligne Canyon which is a really lovely hike down the canyon along the river. There are a few waterfalls you see along the way and it’s a nice hike that isn’t too strenuous and is easy to do with a large group of people. We went early (like 8:30 am) and it was the perfect time because there was no one there and the parking lot was empty! After Maligne we hiked around Horseshoe Lake. This lake is the most beautiful blue! It reminds me of those blue whale candies I had as a kid. It is such a beautiful lake and we were lucky to see some cliff divers. I feared for them. They jumped from so high up and the sound they made when they landed sounded so painful. Not to mention they were scaling the cliff to get up there (just wait for my Jasper video and you can watch it!). After picnicking beside the lake we headed over to Athabasca Falls. This waterfall is beautiful! It is pretty busy there but if you walk a little further along you can avoid some of the bigger crowds but still get a nice view of the falls.

Sunday we had a later breakfast then headed to Lake Annette for the afternoon. This is probably one of my favourite lakes that I have been to in Jasper. It is so clear all the way to the middle of the lake and there are no weeds at all! It’s also never been super busy while I’ve been there which is so nice, and there aren’t motor boats or anything zipping by so it’s very nice and peaceful. I highly recommend visiting it next time! Here are (too many) photos from our trip! Video coming soon!! Also will be doing my favourite tips and tricks for camping as well!

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