Camping Tips And Tricks!

July 28, 2016

With the long weekend up ahead I know that many people are probably stuffing their trunks full and heading out on the open road to find that perfect (or let’s be honest…available) campsite. I find packing to go camping a bit of a daunting experience, especially because if you forget something, it is not as easy to buy it as it would be if you were heading to a city. Being able to pack lightly but still have everything you need is a tricky thing. I’ve decided to compile a list of little tips and tricks I do when I am camping as well as couple things you should definitely do while your out in the wild!

  1. Pack newspaper!!!! There is nothing worse then starting a fire without newspaper.
  2. Bring blankets as well as sleeping bags. When it’s night it gets cold, and if I am sleeping on the ground I know I won’t get a minute of shut eye if I am freezing. I always pack blankets and use a sleeping bag under me as well as blankets over me!
  3. If you are like me and do get cold, you can always bring a hot water bottle and fill it up the night before. Or just use a leak proof thermal mug instead.
  4. If you don’t have an air mattress, bring a yoga mat to sleep on. It may be thin, but it does help you from feeling all the tiny rocks that are hiding under your tent.
  5. Put a tarp under your tent. It will protect your tarp from getting moisture through the bottom. Honestly you can never have too many tarps!
  6. Create a camping menu before you go. Try to eat food that doesn’t require refrigeration. If you need milk opt for a tetrapack of almond milk instead.
  7. Instead of buying a bag of ice for your cooler, freeze a 2L of water and then you can use it as drinking water when it thaws.
  8. Have a stash of games set aside in case it rains. Whether it be board games, charades, the newlywed game, it’s always a good way to pass the time.
  9. If you are into hiking or seeing the sights, go to bed earlier and start your day early. This will allow you to miss the heavy crowds.
  10. Instead of your typical s’more treat, try having a s’moreo (use an oreo instead), or a banana boat (banana stuffed with chocolate and marshmallows). Thank me later 😉

If you have any tips let me know! Enjoy your camping trips friends and bring your bear spray!

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