Taste of Edmonton!

August 2, 2016

I have been a bit MIA these past few days. Joel and I just moved and as much as it is exciting it is stressful. We finally are completely in our new place and are in the process of unpacking. There is something really satisfying about unpacking everything and organizing it. I really do not mind this part of the process at all. Unfortunately moving means we have no internet so I haven’t been able to upload any posts! I wanted to upload this post on the weekend but there just wasn’t time. Ah well, c’est la vie!

On the weekend Joel and I hit up Taste of Edmonton. I never really attended this festival until a few years ago, but it’s definitely getting up there in my favourite festivals this city has to offer. We were on the ball this year and bought our tickets in advance which gave us a discount on tickets. (Remember to do this next year! It saves some $$ and no one is gonna complain about that!) It was SO nice out this passed weekend which I feel is rare for a long weekend. It was almost too hot. (Did I just say that? I usually don’t complain about the heat but my choice of outfit did not bare well with the sun). I’d rather it be sunny than rain though.

Taste of Edmonton is a great way to taste test a bunch of dishes from local restaurants. We always have our places we frequent but it’s nice to try out some new things. Some highlights for dishes we especially loved this year are:

1. Lingnan’s Dry Spicy Chicken
2. Attila the HUNgry’s Duck Tator Tots
3. Padmanadi’s Vegan Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
4. Farrow’s Roast Beef Sandwich
5. Panda Hut Express’s Ginger Beef

It’s so easy to fill yourself up fast at Taste of Edmonton. Also going there for lunch while moving was definitely an upside to the weekend. If you have a chance to go next year, I definitely recommend it! Well on to the next festival!

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