My Shows At The Edmonton Fringe

August 13, 2016

The Fringe has begun!!! The Edmonton International Fringe Festival is one of the largest in the world and the energy of the crowds always makes me feel like I am in a different world. It is nearing the end of day two and crowds are starting to hustle and bustle around Whyte Avenue and lines are forming in front of venues. I am excited to be able to check out some awesome shows this fringe. I will do a post on others shows I recommend once I see them, but for now I wanted to let you know about the shows I am in… just in case you wanted to come see me 😉

I am in two shows this fringe! It has been a busy summer rehearsing for both, but I am super proud of each one and hope to have lots of friends and family come check them out!! Here are the shows:

The Adventures of Chucky & Reggie:

This is an improv show featuring myself and another actress by the name of Rachel Kent. Her and I play 11 year-old boys that are out seeking adventure. This is an improvised show, so we get suggestions from the audience and basically put together a mystery on the spot! The character of Chucky (who I play) is a boy who is passionate and adventurous. He always seems to be getting into trouble and his best friend Reggie (played by Rachel Kent) is always bailing him out. Chucky is in love with his next door neighbour, Susie Hamilton and is always trying to impress her in any way an 11 year-old can! Reggie is polar opposite to Chucky. He is the brains of the mission and the one who keeps the mystery solving on track. Both boys solve mysteries in their community and have to make it home before curfew! If you love improv, mysteries, and a good time this show is a lot of fun!

Where: El Cortez Tequila Bar (Venue #29)
When: Plays everyday (full schedule here)
Price: $13 + service fee (buy tickets here)

The 11 O’Clock Number: Life is a Musical!:


Another improv show!! This show, however, is an improvised musical and we base our story off the life of an audience member. Each night we interview someone and completely make up a musical about their lives. I am a resident player for this show during the year and to be able to perform it at the fringe is so fun! Our cast is incredible and features Byron Martin, Neil Kuefler, Mary Hulbert and myself. This show is always a good time and we have just as much fun making it up as the audience does watching it!

Where: Holy Trinity Anglican Church (Venue #15)
When: Plays everyday (full schedule here)
Price: $13 + service fee (buy tickets here)

Come check out my shows!!! It is always a good time when I have friends and family in the audience! They are both a lot of fun! Also stay tuned for other show recommendations – coming soon!

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