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August 18, 2016

Not many of you know but I took some interior design classes at the University of Alberta! Interior design has always been a love of mine and I love to create spaces that just feel welcoming and put together. Unfortunately a lot of times my ideas are bigger than my budget so I thought I would put together some of the spaces I am working on in my home to give you guys some ideas of how to make your rooms look unified and styled without breaking your bank. Since it is almost September (did I really just say that… why?!!!) I decided to show you guys how I designed my desk. Having an organized desk is something I need in order to feel like I would get any sort of work done there! I’m currently all about the contrast between metal and wood. I decided to combine walnut with gold to create the colour scheme for my desk. I wanted to have that balance of rustic and elegance and I think it turned out nice! Using different textures also really lifts everything from just looking flat. I used a combination of smooth and rough surfaces for both the metal and the wood to give balance and diversity in the space. This is something to consider when designing. Having some contrast allows for the space to feel for dimensional. Balance is always something to strive for. I made sure that each side of my desk felt balanced in texture, colour, and weight. Allowing empty space also really helps to balance things out. Too much stuff can be overwhelming! I wanted each item to serve its own purpose whether it be purely aesthetic or function as well. I found some super cute items for cheap and combine them with some items I already had. When designing a space you want to have a least 3 different sources of light. As you can see I have a large window above my desk, a desk lamp, and of course the main light in the office. Let me know what you guys think! I will put a list of where I got all the items and links if applicable!

number3 (9 of 9) number3 (8 of 9) number3 (7 of 9) number3 (6 of 9)^^^^ This piece of wood will eventually be a clock! Just in the process of finishing that project up 😉

number3 (5 of 9) number3 (4 of 9) number3 (3 of 9) number3 (2 of 9)


Desk: Ikea
Chair: Ikea
Lamp: $40 Homesense (not visible online)
Pineapple Dish: $8 H&M
Pear Candle: $20 H&M
Wood Clock: DIY supplies from Michaels
Hello Lovely Notebook: Indigo
Paraphernalia Pencil Case: Indigo 
Pencil Crayon Set: Superstore

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