Staying Motivated!

August 20, 2016

With September right around the corner I am starting to get my life re-organized. Goal setting and organizing are at the top of my priorities but something I used to find myself struggling with is staying motivated. I love to find new things to do, hobbies to take on and places to explore but all these things require scheduling and motivation. Staying in the mindset of getting things done, especially when a Netflix show is calling your name, can be difficult, so I decided to make a list of things that help me stay motivated!

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  1. Writing Lists & Crossing Them Off.
    I am a lover of lists. Especially crossing them off. Making lists lets you see exactly what you need to accomplish and the act of crossing things off makes you see your accomplishments more. I like to make smaller lists and not overwhelm myself with things I don’t think I will be able to accomplish in a day. Breaking your lists down based on priorities takes a bit off stress off. Knowing the order you are accomplishing your tasks in allows you to stay focused on the goal at hand. Once you have a crossed off list you will feel so much relief which is a feeling that in fact will help you stay motivated for next time!
  2. Understand How Your Tasks Are Benefiting You.
    When it feels like you have a lot to get done you sometimes can get bogged down with it all and in fact feel less motivated. Changing your outlook on to how each task is going to benefit you can help increase motivation. For instance if you have exercising on your list, instead of saying “I need to exercise because it’s something I want to do every day” changing your outlook to “When I exercise I feel fresh, energized and happier afterwards and those are things I want to feel”. Then you are working out for why it benefits you rather than for the sake of working out. Giving yourself these benefits for all tasks will make you want to accomplish them because of how you will feel when you do!
  3. Divide Up Your Time. Take Breaks.
    Focusing on a task for a long period of time can decrease workflow and motivation. When you spend all your focus and energy on one thing for extended amounts of time it can feel like nothing is getting done. I always like to divide up my time and give myself a period of time to work on something before I take a break and switch my focus. If I have a huge project I need to get done, I’ll maybe tell myself I have an hour to accomplish all I can before I take a 10 minute break and switch my focus to another task. Dividing up large tasks with smaller ones allows you to get big projects done while still crossing off the smaller things. For example if you have a huge project that will take 5+ hours, doing and hour then crossing off a small task like making the bed before going back to your second hour gives you the opportunity to stay motivated and accomplish more things.
  4. Get Motivated With Other People.
    Some tasks allow for group effort. If you have an opportunity to work on something with someone else that can help you stay motivated! For instance if you have to clean your house, making a competition of who can clean a room faster is a good way to stay motivated. Same goes for having a workout buddy, or a team on a business project. Setting group goals will automatically make you feel a bit more motivated because there is competition and teamwork involved!
  5. Reward Yourself!
    Often when we accomplish things we get into the mindset of “what do I have to do next?!”. Breaking out of this to reward yourself will make you crave completing tasks so that you can receive your reward. Rewards can but don’t have to be materialistic. It can be as simple as painting your nails, watching an episode of your favourite show, or going out with friends. Small, healthy rewards can go a long way. Think about the kind of person you are. Do you like getting small things often, or one reward at the end? If you do like receiving small rewards, think of little things you can do after each task to reward yourself (maybe a cup of tea, or a chapter of a book). If you prefer a larger reward make it appealing enough to get you through the day! It’s okay to celebrate your success to keep you on track!

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Hopefully these tips and tricks help you keep motivated like they do for me! Giving everything just a bit more focus can really go a long way! If you have any other tricks let me know and happy goal setting!

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