Prairie Road Trip: Day 1

August 26, 2016

The first stop on our road trip was Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. I remember going here is a kid and it seeming so massive! This is one of the jumps where the Blackfoot tribe would essentially trick a herd of buffalo into stampeding right off the edge of a cliff. This would provide the tribe with enough food for the entire winter and they would leave nothing to waste, but I couldn’t help but feel for all these poor buffalo. Having a view of the prairies from high up was beautiful. As much as I love travelling the world, Alberta is still pretty great. The diversity of this province astounds me sometimes. It is amazing to see how much of a difference a 2 hour drive can make in our scenery. If you have a chance to head to the buffalo jump you can also go on a hike around as well. Unfortunately some of the trails were closed when we were there so we didn’t get to explore much but it is definitely a place to visit if you are passing by!

After our first stop we ended up driving through Fort Macleod. We had to make a stop for Joel because this is the town where they filmed some of the movie Interstellar. It was so quaint and quiet. We were there at maybe 1:00 pm on a Tuesday and nothing was open. The store fronts made me feel like we were in a different era. I can see why they decided to film here. I love all the pastel colours used on the buildings.

We had our quick pit stop and then headed to Writing On Stone. This place was recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad we made the long trip! By the time we got there we were almost in the US. I wasn’t convinced we were going the right way because all I saw was flat prairie. I was a bit grumpy too because it was just pouring rain the whole time!!! Finally though we reached our destination. It was crazy! All of a sudden we could see a mountain and it was like the earth had split open and in the gap were all these hoodoos! Lucky for us the rain stopped just as we arrived. It was still pretty chilly and windy (definitely feels like October) but there was no one else around so that made it nice. I like exploring places away from crowds. Sometimes when you are in a crowd or group you can feel rushed along. It was nice for us to just goof around and feel like kids again.

I’m glad we made this long journey south. Even though it was a more laid back trip it is cool to see the culture that Alberta had so long ago. I still can’t get over the fact that we walk where dinosaurs walked! Blows my mind! But more on that later 😉 I will be sharing part two of our mini trip with you guys soon and a little video we made. If you have any recommendations of where to go in Alberta let me know! I am always down for a little getaway!number3 (1 of 11)number3 (2 of 11)Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump! ^^
number3 (1 of 49)number3 (6 of 11) number3 (4 of 11)Love this cutie ^^number3 (5 of 11) number3 (8 of 11) number3 (11 of 11)I love these pink walls. Maybe I can convince Joel to let me paint our house pink?? 😉
number3 (10 of 11)So quaint!!
number3 (3 of 49) number3 (2 of 49) number3 (7 of 49)Writing On Stone! It was glorious! ^^
number3 (6 of 49) number3 (11 of 49) number3 (4 of 49)number3 (9 of 49) number3 (18 of 49) number3 (16 of 49) All I can picture is dinosaurs walking along the river!
number3 (13 of 49) number3 (12 of 49)

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