Prairie Road Trip: Day 2

August 28, 2016

Going away for a short while always sends me back into motion when I get home. It was so nice to get out of the city just for a short while to go on our road trip. If you missed day 1 of our roadtrip you can see that here! On our second day on the road, we decided to hit up Drumheller and the Royal Tyrell Museum. I loved going here is a kid. I found it so fascinating and playing amongst the hoodoos was just so fun. I remember camping as a kid and coming across a rattlesnake in the grass (apparently you weren’t supposed to walk in the tall grass – I was much more cautious this time around). Drumheller is such an amazing place. I cannot believe that this place exists in our province. Much like Writing On Stone it sort of just pops out of nowhere. A gorgeous valley of sand and stone (and dinosaur bones if your lucky). We headed to the museum first to catch a glimpse of what walked our planet so long ago. It is astounding the fossils they have found. Seeing a full sized T-Rex had my inner child scream with joy. Isn’t it amazing that these beasts walked on earth? I cannot even fathom the sight of it all. What is even harder for me to believe is that Alberta (our dry flat province) was once a SEA?! Like with sharks!!! What??!! If only time travel existed. Seriously if you have a chance to check out the museum I highly recommend it! There is so much history in Alberta and I feel like I know so so little about it all. Plus seeing the fossils of all the dinosaurs and mammoths just makes you feel so small in comparison to it all. After oo-ing and awe-ing our way through the museum we headed to Hoodoos Trail. I had to get more of my fix on hoodoos! (Weird side note but whenever Joel and I go on a trip we always end up being somewhere where a fashion shoot is happening.. there was definitely one happening in the hoodoos!) We hiked around before heading to my dad’s farm about an hour away. It was nice to go to the farm on the way home. I always find it so peaceful and freeing to be in a wide open space like that. Does anyone else feel that way?? There were kittens at the farm too which made it even more enjoyable! (we are considering giving Posie a friend… is this wise?) Also if anyone wants a kitten let me know! 😉 All in all it was a nice trip down memory lane for us. If you have a chance this long weekend to catch one or two of these places please do! (Also quick recommendation if you are in Calgary check out Ten Foot Henry – so so good!) Here are the last of the pictures!! Sorry there are so many it was just so beautiful I couldn’t narrow them down!!!!

number3 (20 of 49)We couldn’t help but play the Jurassic Park theme as we drove by 😉
number3 (40 of 49) number3 (39 of 49) number3 (37 of 49) number3 (36 of 49)I spy a Joel! ^^
number3 (35 of 49) number3 (34 of 49) How stunning are these beauties?
number3 (32 of 49) number3 (31 of 49) number3 (27 of 49) number3 (25 of 49) number3 (24 of 49) number3 (23 of 49)This guy looked pretty friendly ^^
number3 (22 of 49)These two did not…
number3 (21 of 49) number3 (48 of 49)Farm Fresh!
number3 (47 of 49) number3 (45 of 49)Something magical about being surrounded by sunflowers
number3 (44 of 49)Huge turnip!!
number3 (42 of 49)Ahh!! How do I contain myself from kitty cuteness?!!
number3 (41 of 49)

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