Lactuca Urban Farm

September 1, 2016

Even though summer is ending and the cool air is setting in, I still really enjoy this time of year. It feels like fall is early this year but I am loving the harvest that this time provides. Joel and I are anxiously awaiting next spring so we can plant our own garden in our new backyard (yay!) but for now we have been enjoying the fruits of others’ hard work. I had the chance to go out and visit Lactuca Urban Farm last week to see all the ins and outs of urban farming. Lactuca was the first urban farm in Alberta which is pretty neat! In case you don’t know, urban farming is basically farming in the city! The difference between this and a community garden is the crops are used for commerce and are sold to local restaurants and at farmer’s markets. Lactuca also provides an educational aspect in partnership with Northlands to help people understand the benefits and the process of urban farming! I got to tour around this acre lot and learn about the process myself which was really cool. I hope my garden next year looks half as good as this. Lactuca recently got chickens (although the eggs are not for sale!) but it was cool to see them do their egg-laying thing haha. As mentioned, the farm provides fresh produce to many local restaurants and it tastes so so good! It’s so fresh and you can tell it hasn’t been tampered with chemicals or anything. I believe local produce is so important to support! It lessens our carbon footprint and it comes from reliable sources and helps create and sustain local employment. There are so many benefits I could go on, but isn’t it just nice to know that your food was grown right in your own town?! I took home my fair share of produce and you will see what I did with it in my next post so stay tuned ( 😉 ) I can understand why people would want to quit there jobs and work here. It seems like such a fun job – you might see me quitting all other dreams to fulfill my new one of being an urban farmer 🙂 My friend Vicky gave me the grand tour and I even got to go pick some corn with her and fulfill my other dreams of feeling like Pocahontas ha! If you have a chance before the end of the season to go to some farmers markets and check out Lactuca I highly recommend their produce. Especially the salad (they top it with edible flowers..I mean c’mon!). Here are a few pictures of the farm so you can see what urban farming is about!
* Thanks Lactuca and Vicky for letting me come hang out! *

number3 (13 of 22)Bees!
number3 (11 of 22) number3 (10 of 22)This little device is so cool! It is drill operated and cuts all the lettuce and throws it into the basket.
number3 (9 of 22) number3 (8 of 22) number3 (7 of 22) number3 (6 of 22)All the dill!
number3 (5 of 22) number3 (4 of 22)Doing her thing.
number3 (3 of 22) number3 (2 of 22) number3 (1 of 22)

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