Happy Over Crappy: Introduction

September 4, 2016

What makes you happy? Do you think you can be happier? How about your self-love and self-worth? Do you give yourself the respect you deserve?

After years of struggling with these questions I decided to finally create a challenge for myself (and for you too!) I wanted an organized way to focus on the aspects of life that can create stress, anxiety, and disappointment and see if I can flip them into positive, happy experiences! So I present to you HAPPY over CRAPPY. This is going to be a weekly challenge that you are more than welcome to join me in! Whether you feel you need to change your approach to situations, or you are already happy but are wanting to increase it even more then this is for you!

Each week will contain:
– a small challenge to complete for the next week
– a tip or trick to add into your daily life
– inspiration and motivation

This is a challenge for everyone and anyone! The goal is to increase your happiness and self-love and become more self-aware and positive! All you will need for this challenge is your weekly check-in for the next challenge as well as your own personal journalling method of keeping track of your own progress!

If you are interested in keeping a community spirit with this challenge feel free to use the hashtag #happyovercrappy
I would love to create a community of people to increase happiness together!! If you need weekly reminders to check in, please subscribe to the blog! There may even be a chance for some giveaways!

Happiness lies in numbers so let’s work together to turn our negatives into positives!

Let’s get happy! 🙂

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