Easy DIY Paper Garland

September 7, 2016

I am always looking for ways to decorate and make a place special for a special day. Having a glamorous party isn’t always in a budget so I decided to create a budget friendly DIY garland project that is super easy to do and looks really cute! You can decide what shapes you wish to use! I decided to make circles, triangles, rectangles, and bows!

Construction paper in a variety of colours
Glue stick

  1. Trace out the shapes you wish to use. Cut out all these shapes!
    number3 (8 of 15)
  2. For the bows trace out the bow shape for the amount of bows you wan as shown below. Cut out.
    number3 (5 of 15)
  3. Trace out the ribbon shape. Cut out.
  4. Cut out circles for centres of bow.
  5. Fold bow shape so out ends meet. Staple the ends and back of bow together. number3 (6 of 15)
  6. Glue the ends of the ribbon to the back of the bow.
  7. Glue the circles overtop of the staple.number3 (7 of 15)
  8. For the letters, trace them backwards (that way when you cut them out you don’t see the pencil marking!)number3 (12 of 15)
  9. Line up all shapes in a row and tape them to the thread.
  10. Hang and enjoy!! number3 (13 of 15) number3 (11 of 15) number3 (14 of 15)


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