Local Eats: Uccellino

September 10, 2016

If you have been reading my blog since day one you know that I am a huge fan of Daniel Costa; the chef behind the mouthwatering dishes at Corso 32 and Bar Bricco. It seemed only fitting that we go try out his newest restaurant Uccellino. I’m going to tell you now, it did not disappoint. (I also feel like I need to go back to Italy and try out the food again, because the pasta at these places has been the best I have ever had.) The atmosphere in Uccellino is very different than the other two. It is very bright and clean with lighter colours to accent. There are nice big windows at the front which really brings in some nice natural light. It is also more way more spacious than the other two restaurants which helps with the airy feel.
The thing about the menus of these restaurants is that you really can’t go wrong with the choices you make. Even the olives that they brought to our table Joel even loved! (And I’m telling you he HATES olives.)
To start we ordered Polpette di Pane which are pecorino & fennel salami fritters. Joel described them as fancy mozza sticks and I would agree. They had a similar texture but the added salami and the pecorino changed the wanna-be mozza stick for the better. Way better. We then ordered Char-grilled Romaine which was SO GOOD. I don’t know what the cheese drizzle was but it was delicious. Who knew romaine could be dressed up so fancy? We then ordered two different pasta dishes to share. The first was called Bucatini Cacio e Pepe; a salty roman pecorino and black pepper pasta. This dish was very good, but I don’t think I could have finished it on my own. The noodles are a little heavier than our other pasta dish was and the salted pecorino got a little over-powering near the end, but it was still very good! The other dish we had was the real winner. If you have ever been to Bar Bricco and ordered Fonduta Agnolotti Dal Plin (my favourite dish) then you need to order the Tagliatelle. It is DELICIOUS. I could eat it all day, everyday and never get sick of it. The noodles melt in your mouth and the butter and sage and parmigiano is just to die for. Go there just for this dish, it won’t disappoint.
All in all we were very impressed with our experience there. Our server was super lovely and the food was just amazing! Go! (And the best part is they do some reservations and some walk-ins so you can go there on a whim!)

Happy eating!

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