Happy Over Crappy: Week 2

September 12, 2016

This week felt so good! Taking the time to focus on my actions to increase the positive moments in my week already boosted my happiness quite a bit. I made the decision to have some hard conversations over the week that have been hanging over my head for a while and now that those are over I feel a huge weight lifted. Thank you to all of you that have supported Happy Over Crappy, I am so excited to keep going!!! So on to week 2! This week is a continuation of the work we did last week but with a bit more focus that you can include in your day to day life. We spend so much of our lives focused on what needs to get done and how we are going to get from A to B. Of course it is important that we accomplish certain tasks and keep ourselves motivated, but sometimes we can lose track of our needs when we are so busy. This week’s challenge is all about taking this time out of our busy lives to encourage us to give our needs a little more love.


Week 1 Challenge!
Look Within

Challenge: Create happy pit-stops! Have you ever gone through a day trying to get everything done, and then when you get home you realize you haven’t even taken a moment to breathe? I feel this way all the time. This week’s challenge is to schedule in time (actually schedule it in!) for a happy pit-stop. Think of these pit-stops like gas stations. You don’t want to be running on empty in the hopes of making it through the day. Make a point to fill up your tank once or twice a day with something that makes you happy! You have your lists from last week’s challenge of all the things in your life that makes you happy. Choose one or two of those items that you can schedule in to your day for a moment for yourself. For example, I really enjoy playing piano just for myself. My goal is to schedule in time each day to play for at least 15 minutes just for me. Make sure you give yourself time, because you’re well-being is more important than your work day because without good health you wouldn’t be able to accomplish all you do!

Happy Action: Smile at a stranger!

Weekly Inspiration: Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. – Dalai Lama

Post a picture this week what your happiness pit-stop is! Be sure to use #happyovercrappy on your social media posts! Good luck and get happy!

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