DIY Geometric Wall Art! 1

September 14, 2016

Ever since we revamped our shelves I have been looking for ways to incorporate copper into some wall art. Of course I found my answer on Pinterest! I came across this tutorial to help me with mine but I somehow managed to confuse myself and it took my some time to figure it out. Once I did though it was very easy!! I decided to take pictures of my process in case it helped you out, or you can follow along in the tutorial I did! The nice thing about this project is that it is super easy, fast, and budget friendly!

– Cardstock (3 square pieces per geometric shape)
– Spray paint (optional)
1. Fold each square piece of cardstock in half.
2. Once folded in half, take the long ends and fold towards the centre.number3-3-of-19
3.Unfold the pieces folded in step 2, and fold up bottom towards the top.number3-4-of-19
4. Unfold the bottom piece as well. You should now have 3 triangles each with 3 crease marks.
5. Fit the end of one piece into the end of another. Do this so that all three pieces are connected together.
6. Take the peak on the far right triangle and fold up to fit in the middle peak.number3-8-of-19number3-10-of-19
7. Now take the peak on the left side, and fold it into the centre peak as well. Open the left peak so that it fits on either side of the centre.
number3-11-of-19number3-12-of-19number3-13-of-19It should now look like this ^^

8. Now take the two pieces at the top, and fold the right side into the left side.
You now will have your finished product! It should look like this! Don’t be discouraged if you need to do this a couple times, it took me a few tries before I got it!
You can use different shades of cardstock or spray paint to create different colours!
I love the way this looks and it is so simple and quick!! Let me know what you guys think of this DIY!

number3-19-of-19 number3-18-of-19 number3-17-of-19

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