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September 23, 2016

I hope you are enjoying the change of season like I am. I am so anxiously awaiting October, you have no idea! I have some pretty exciting plans for what to blog about next month and I can’t wait to share with you! I wanted to just do a little update on new things about the blog as well as new things in my life! I have had a crazy busy month! I’ve been teaching a lot and am choreographing and musical directing two different musicals on top of all the other theatre teaching I do, so I am being kept very busy. I am very excited about it all though and am so glad that I love the work I do so much and always look forward to seeing my students. On a different note, Joel and I welcome a new addition to our family, Pip! He is a rambunctious little orange kitten who is currently bouncing all around me as I type. We got him from my dad’s farm which is where Posie came from. Pip is actually Posie’s nephew! (If cats work like human families haha). At first Posie was not excited about the new addition but they are playing ALL the time now and it is adorable. I always wish I could get a dog, but Joel still needs warming up to the idea, and our house isn’t big enough… but someday!!!

I am more excited for this blog everyday these days! I have been blogging for about 7 months now and feel like I am taking it pretty seriously so I decided I would finally invest a bit more into it! I’ve got schedules and projects ready to go all over the place which is awesome! If you are a reader of my blog you may have noticed that occasionally I do a Local Eats post featuring a local restaurant in Edmonton. This is a feature that I am going to do every single month so you can look for my recommendations if you are wanting to try out some of Edmonton’s growing cuisine scene (say that 5 times fast!) I also am going to be doing a lot more DIY projects that are budget friendly and useful! If you have been tuning in more recently you will have noticed my feature Happy Over Crappy. I am very excited about this, and mostly to be honest on a personal level! Some of you know I struggle with PTSD and anxiety and creating this project is really helping me to focus in on myself and my mental health to create a more positive and optimistic lifestyle for myself. I hope that it can help some of you too that maybe want to increase your happiness too!

Here are a few pictures of Pip! If you have any interest in any features or posts let me know what you would like to see or what posts I already do that you like! Feel free to leave comments below! Also if you haven’t yet, you can sign up for my newsletter! Just go to the sidebar where it say to subscribe and you will receive emails with the latest posts and upcoming exciting things! Thanks for all the love everyone! You rock!

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