25 Random Facts About Me!

September 29, 2016

Alright friends, I have to be honest here. I was fully intending on releasing a cute DIY yesterday but it was a fail! I am trying to salvage what I can and hopefully have one up for you soon, but alas my Pinterest skill has failed me on this one 🙁 I thought instead I would give you 25 random facts about me for those of you who don’t know me super well or at all! Hopefully these are more interesting than the broken clay currently on my kitchen table 😛 Here goes!

1. I grew up in Mexico City! I lived there for my childhood because of my dad’s work and it’s an experience I never will forget!

2. I have to go to bed wearing socks! I never wake up with them on my feet though.

3. My mother and her family are from Scotland so I have duel citizenship!

4. I rarely am able to finish a movie. I usually will fall asleep.

5. Math was my best subject in school…and I was a bit of an overachiever.

6. I lived in Scotland for a year doing my MA in Musical Theatre! I miss that country more than words can say!

7. I am in the works of completing an Interior Design course at university!

8. My goal is to learn to play every string instrument. I currently play piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, and banjo.

9. I am missing a tooth right beside my front teeth! I was just born without it. But now I have a tiny little gap there!

10. Every time I get sick, I watch Lord of the Rings, because by the time I’m done all the movies, I am usually not sick anymore!

11. Christmas is my favourite holiday! Joel loves it just as much as me which is amazing and we already have plans to put up our Christmas tree like December 1.

12. I love talk radio! I listen to CBC in my car most days.

13. I really want to buy a house on an acreage. I grew up on an acreage when I lived in Canada and it was my favourite. It was so peaceful and I felt so so happy there.

14. I LOVE playing board games, and have a board game night at least once a month with my friends.

15. I sing all the time but for some reason really just am not much of a fan of karaoke!

16. Subway systems give me panic attacks! I had a bad experience once in New York and ever since then I get very anxious.

17. Even though I did a million dance competitions growing up, I suck at putting on eyeliner!

18. It is very rare that I will re-read a book!

19. I talk in Spanish a lot, and watch a lot of Spanish TV to practice.

20.  I am not a big fan of chocolate…. but give me a bag of chips any day of the week.

21. I love to cook and bake, but unfortunately my work schedule doesn’t allow me to do it as much as I would like.

22. I am the only person in my family who doesn’t golf. I used to make up songs and dances in my room while my family went golfing for the day.

23. I LOVE to travel, and go on 2+ vacations a year.

24. I have an obsession with organizing. I love to spend a day just organizing cupboards.

25. If I could choose, I wish I had been born in the 1950’s!

Not sure if that was interesting at all to you but hopefully my DIY skills won’t fail me for a second time! Thanks for reading friends! 🙂

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