DIY Geometric Paintings

October 5, 2016

So if you read my 25 random facts about me post you will know I had a failed DIY last week! I have been trying to finish at least one room in our house before Thanksgiving and was super excited to do that with some clay wall planters, but unfortunately the project didn’t go as planned! I was looking for a way to tie in the geometric shapes we have, with the colours in our rug and it would have been so cute! I am still going to attempt a project similar, but wanted to have something on the walls prior to our families coming over this weekend! I decided to do some super easy geometric wall paintings to hang on the wall until I have something better to put there. This is a super easy, and super budget friendly DIY!

Paint colours of your choosing (I chose the Martha Stewart Satin and Metallic lines)
Cardstock – cut to size of frame
Paintbrush – one thick, one thin
Marble Contact Paper (optional)

This is super simple, and doesn’t need much explaining, but first off draw out design you wish. Having a mix of thing lines, triangles and rectangles can create good diversity. Paint the larger sections first with the thick paintbrush, then do more detailing and fine lines with the thinner brush. I wanted to have the effect of a paintbrush look so I didn’t make my larger paint sections to “finished” so I could have some texture.

I can’t wait to show you our completed living room soon, but until then enjoy this easy DIY! I have some excited (and hopefully successful) DIY’s coming up so stay tuned!

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