Happy Over Crappy: Week 7

October 17, 2016

Did anyone else feel like this past week was long?! It feels like it has been forever since last week. How did your challenge go? I found this one really hard, as you know I take on how other people are feeling but I feel like I had a bit of success. I noticed my confidence in myself grew a bit when I started to not care as much as what others thought and just focused on my own feelings. Because it was such a long week I felt so overwhelmed with everything that needed to get done and where I needed to be! I was hosting auditions for a musical I am directing, on top of having a tonne of work already and I just felt like a bit of a zombie by the end. This week I want to focus on creating a bit of space in my week and NOT feeling guilty about it. Do you always say yes to things? I know I definitely do. The challenge this week is all about saying NO not to turn down opportunity, but to say YES to yourself.

Week 7 Challenge!
Saying No To Say Yes

Challenge: Your challenge this week is to say no to situations that you feel you are only saying yes to out of guilt or obligation. Try to frame it in a way where instead of the focus being on the NO it is on the YES. What do I mean by this? If, for example, you have been asked to do a project for work that might need to be done on your own time, instead of saying yes and feeling like you are doing it to please and impress, say NO! Don’t think of this no as you shutting down opportunities. Think of it as saying YES to something you need more… maybe a hot bath, a night out with friends, a chance to hang out with family. Our choices don’t always, and shouldn’t always, be made to impress other people. We have to be kind to ourselves as well. The guilt of this I know I struggle with, but try to envision how your YES with help your next day at work! You might feel more refreshed, have had time to get things off your chest, and have given yourself a mental break. In the end your YES, will have had a more positive outcome than your NO ever would have!

Happy Action: Give someone a surprise!

Weekly Inspiration: “The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.” – Audrey Hepburn

Remember to #happyovercrappy with posts from your week! Good luck and get happy!

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