Last Minute Costume Ideas!

October 28, 2016

Well if you are anything like me you don’t think about halloween costumes until the time comes! I hate having to think last minute for a costume for work or a party, so I put together 3 easy costumes of things you most likely have in your house already!! Barely anytime is required and you will be able to get in the halloween spirit in no time!!

1. Rosie the Riveter: All you need for this look is black boots, a pair of jeans, a jean button up, and a red bandana! Don’t forget the red lips and you are set!number3-5-of-19
number3-2-of-19 number3-4-of-19
2. Wednesday Addams: You will need a black dress and a white collared shirt with some high socks. Throw your hair in some braids and you are good to go!
number3-10-of-19 number3-7-of-19 number3-6-of-19
3. Frida Kahlo: This one is probably my favourite! I had this patterned dress at home, but you can use any red or green dress really! Do a Frida inspired braid to your hair and add some carnations and voila! Don’t forget the give yourself a little extra eyebrow!
number3-18-of-19 number3-17-of-19 number3-16-of-19 number3-14-of-19
All super simple and super cute! Hope this helps those last minute halloweeners 😉 Happy trick or treating!

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