Happy Over Crappy: Week 9

October 31, 2016

Somehow I can’t believe it has been 9 weeks since I started this challenge! Time is going by wicked fast these days. I look back on my weeks and realized how time flies and feel worried that I didn’t enjoy my time as much. Do you feel that way at all? A lot of time we fall into patterns and don’t really enjoy things as much as we used to. I felt my life really cluttered this week and full of “stuff””. Whenever I feel bogged down by clutter and lack of space it affects every part of my day. I’m more irritable and anxious and dread going back home to find mess. That is where this week’s challenge comes in.

Week 9 Challenge!
Declutter Your Life!

Challenge: Your challenge this week is to go through a room, a cupboard, a drawer etc. in your house and declutter! Take your time to go through everything and see what you really need to keep and what you would be okay leaving behind! Getting rid of stuff and have a fresh and clean space can instantly lift happiness!!! I always feel so rejuvenated after I have done a good clean and organization of a space. It may sound silly or simple, but it really does work. Not only will you have an organized space, you will get to enjoy it more and feel so much less claustrophobic. Give yourself only one task. Don’t overwhelm yourself or chances are your whole house will erupt and you will feel even more cluttered! Start small and slowly work through different spaces in your house! I always like doing this at the start of a new month to give a new energy to what’s ahead. Get to it, loves!!

Happy Action: Drink more water!

Weekly Inspiration: “You can be happy where you are.” – Joel Osteen

Remember to #happyovercrappy with posts from your week! Stay tuned for an exciting giveaway for #happyovercrappy! Good luck and get happy!

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