DIY Menu Board!

November 2, 2016

Eating good, home-made food is something that I have always been lucky to enjoy. Growing up, my family always made a new delicious home-made meal every day and as I grew up and moved away I continued to make all these meals on my own. Making a good meal from scratch is so rewarding; knowing that you are nourishing your body with healthy food. Here at home we are trying to waste less and a lot of times we buy more than we need. To help with this, I decided to make a menu board to help plan out our meals and give us a sense of exactly what we need to buy. I got this idea from my good friend Kristen, so credit goes to her!!

What You Need:
Cork Board (mine is from Dollarama)
Card Stock of your choosing (3 sheets)
Clothespins (mine are from Michaels)
Cereal Box
Brown Wrapping Paper
Hot Glue
Glue Stick
Cutting Board and Knife

1. Cut the corner off your box to make a small holder for the recipes. I used a sharpie to draw where I was going to cut.
2. Cover the box in brown wrapping paper, or paper of your choosing. (You can also paint it if you would like!)
3. Add in any decorating to the box you like. I added stripes in pink and white to match some of my clothespins.
4. Set box aside. Take one of your sheets of card stock and cut it so it fits with about a 1/2 inch boarder when you place it on the cork board. I cut mine so it only reached just less than half way across the cork board. I also cut a band out of a different colour to glue on top. (You can see what I mean in the final picture)
5. Make a “Weekly Menu” sign with more card stock. I layered my papers to tie all the colours in together.

6. Now glue all the sheets of paper down as well as the box with hot glue.

7. Take your hot glue gun, and after spacing out the clothespins evenly, glue them to the left side on top of the large piece of card stock.
8. Once that is all glued down, you will have your menu board! Now just cut out small strips of each card stock and write meals down and add to the box!
There you have it!! I glued a magnet on the back to stick it to the fridge!
Thanks for reading!

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