A Little Life Catch-Up

November 17, 2016

Let’s start off with the weather. What was this crazy November t-shirt nonsense we have been having? I am not gonna lie I love warm weather, but I am very happy it snowed and it is looking a bit more Christmas-y.

I wanted to do a post just to catch you up on my life a bit lately and give you readers that don’t know me a bit more insight! I have been doing a lot of DIY’s lately and haven’t done many lifestyle posts so that what this is here for! I am interested in learning more about you too! Please leave comments below so I know who you are! I love communicating with my readers and getting to know more about you too!!
Life lately has been very hectic. And I mean VERY! I am so so so lucky that I have a life filled with work I love to do. I get to direct, choreograph, vocal coach, sing, dance, act my way through life and it is wonderful. If you know me, I am extremely hard-working to a fault. I can work for hours and hours on end and don’t take space for myself which is something I am working on. The problem is…why stop, when I love what I do? I hope you can all understand how I suffer from my problem! I haven’t had a chance to be as ahead of schedule lately as I normally am, but Christmas is approaching which means I get a much needed break. We are going to be decorating over here pretty soon and I can’t wait to share that with you all!! We have been stressed with pets lately, as two pets have had to go to the vet for emergencies. (Kittens and scrabble pieces don’t play nicely) Luckily everyone is healthy and doing better! I have been trying to get into a new show on Netflix. I binge watch too well and am always looking for something new, so if you have a recommendation please let me know! I’m currently watching “The Crown” which I think is really good if you are into non-fiction dramas! This post feels very all over the place but I felt like I needed to just write things down and get it out there. I hope you are all having a great week and getting in as much rest as you can! Thanks for reading! I’m gonna go back to my PJ no make-up look now 😉 Love you all!

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