What’s In My Gym Bag!

November 26, 2016

Joel and I have finally figured out a consistent workout schedule where we can work out together a few times a week! I love having a gym partner for so many reasons! Not only does it keep me motivated, but it’s fun to see our progress together. I love mixing up my gym workouts with swimming. Changing up routine every now again keeps it motivating to go. I have been dealing with an injury in my shoulders and wrists for what seems like FOREVER now and going back to the gym scared me a bit because I wasn’t sure how much my body could handle, and I am so competitive with myself I was scared I would push myself too hard. I’ve been trying to keep any arm workouts light lately and have noticed a big difference! It’s crazy. I find it hard to let go of ego when I exercise but seeing results makes me feel so much better about it all. We are all on our own journey, right? I’ve decided to show you guys what’s in my gym bag. So here we go!

Gym Bag: I LOVE my gym bag because it is so big! It fits so much, but is super light so I don’t feel it weighing down my shoulders.

Trainers: These puppies are ancient but do the trick! It’s important to find the right pair of shoes so I plan on using these until they fall completely apart!

Shorts: These shorts are always my go to. I love how lightweight they are and they are also super cute!

Tank: I love to exercise in a tank because the narcissist in me loves to see my muscles work. Is that so wrong? We all do it 😉

Sports Bra: Oh man! These are my struggle! Finding a good sports bra is so hard! You gotta really search for something supportive and cute! Let me know if you have any recommendations as I am always on the lookout!

Headband: I swear by this headband! It never slips which is so important!

Scrunchie: I always carry a scrunchie or hair elastic and bobby pins!

Lock: This is an obvious one!!!

Headphones: I always carry headphones. I love listening to music, but when I workout, I always listen to podcasts or audiobooks. It makes time go by so much faster!

Swimsuit: In case I want to switch it up and do laps in the pool I always keep a swimsuit in my bag!

Goggles: Contacts in water don’t mix. Goggles are a must.

Towel: I am a sucker for a big towel! I can’t handle small ones… I love to just be able to wrap it around me like a big blanket!

Flip flops: I think we can all agree that dressing room floors are GROSS! I can’t handle the hair. Ew the hair! If it’s on your head, great! If it’s on a chlorine filled floor.. not so much. FLIP FLOPS ARE A MUST!

Extra Bag: I always carry and extra bag to put my swimsuit in after I’m done.

Skipping Rope: It’s an awesome way to warm-up for your workout and having it handy it awesome.

Resistance Bad: I always use this to stretch out my legs before and after a workout.

Toiletry Bag: I always carry this especially when I am swimming. It has all the essentials: deoderant, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, hand sanitizer, comb, face cream, and kleenex!

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