Happy Over Crappy: Week 14

December 5, 2016

The holiday season at our house is officially in full swing! We put up our Christmas tree last night and I have to say it is one of the best trees we have ever gotten! There is always a risk buying a real tree that they aren’t really full, or there are patchy spots etc. You can’t really tell because they are all tied up, but we got a real winner I think, and I can’t wait to show you photos!! To be honest with you, this past week felt like a blur! It was pretty much a flurry of activity that led me to right now. This time a year can cause a lot of stress with holiday events, buying presents, driving in the snow, etc. I wanted a way to focus my thoughts so that I wasn’t feeling overwhelmed. It is so easy to exhaust yourself this time of year, and I know I don’t want to be sick for the holidays!

Week 14 Challenge!
Make Lists!

Challenge: Your challenge this week is to make lists for things you  need to get done this holiday season. Write everything you can think of down on paper. Now before you get overwhelmed with it all, take a highlighter and highlight all the ones that you don’t have control over the schedule. For example this might be a Christmas party, or a family dinner. Once you have highlighted all of those, write them down on a new paper and title it “Events” or whatever you choose. Be sure to write the specific date down! I like to write mine down in the order of which they will happen. Next on your list, highlight all the things that can be done whenever there is time but there is no rush for, for example maybe baking cookies, or going tobogganing. Write those on your new piece of paper and give it a title as well! Lastly, highlight all the other things on your list (usually these involve those little tasks I need to do like send a Christmas card, or buy presents etc). Write those on your paper and give it a title. Once you have your three (or more) categories, try to schedule the most important things first! Get the pesky ones out of the way, but remember to schedule in something fun for yourself as well!

Happy Action: Listen to your favourite album on repeat!

Weekly Inspiration: “The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.”  -Richard Bach

Remember to #happyovercrappy with posts from your week! Good luck and get happy!

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