Little Chat

December 7, 2016

Hello! I’m currently having an extremely long lie in! It is 11:15 in the morning and I have only left bed to feed myself and the cats. I usually never do this because of the amount of work I always have to get done, but today felt like a lazy day. I also woke up with a sore throat which is the worst! I work with kids all day and so there germs have a way of finding me no matter how hard I battle them off. I was going to post a DIY today but I figured that I would just do a life catch up instead. To be perfectly honest I haven’t been up to schedule with my blog lately (and I apologize for that!) December is the craziest of months! Everything is wrapping up for work, and a bunch of projects are coming to an end before the holidays and so I have had to give them more attention than normal. I am very excited for the holiday season and to “relax”. Although we all know the holidays mean go go go. At least for me! We picked up the most beautiful tree, I can’t even believe how we lucked out with it! I always get a real tree but sometimes you can’t be sure if it is going to have empty patches or sit straight. Ours is PERFECT. I am thinking of doing a mini house tour with all our Christmas decorations so comment down below if you want to see that. I have almost finished my Christmas shopping but always need a few extra bits and bobs to fill stockings. I am trying to think of some new holiday traditions that Joel and I can start. This will be our 4th Christmas as a couple (which is crazy)  and I love all the little traditions we have started together. Every year, on the 12 days before Christmas, the fox comes to our door and delivers a little gift for me everyday. It is so cute, I get all squealy and childish about it haha. I thought I should do something for Joel so I started the 12 dates of Christmas. I take Joel on 12 dates right up until Christmas. I am going to be honest, it is A LOT of work to figure it out, but we had so much fun last year making sure we spent that time with each other that I am super excited to do it again. I will try to post what each day is, at least on my instagram so you guys can see 🙂 Do you have any traditions that you do with your family? I would love to add more and keep adding more! It is the best season. This week has been such a roller coaster. I don’t know where my mind was the other day but I completely forgot to pay for parking downtown… just forgot… what? I ended up getting a lovely $50 ticket on my windshield… merry christmas me. The next day however, I got some SUPER exciting news that I will share when I can but it was an accomplishment I was super proud of. I determined that my parking ticket was just the bad karma I needed so that I could get the good news. That is how it works right? Maybe? Anyway, let me know what kind of Christmass-y or holiday posts you would like to see! Things will settle down in the next two weeks and I can get caught up here! Thank you so much for reading!! I love hearing back from you, whoever you are! Even if you don’t have any suggestions for traditions or posts, leave a comment with your name and a little hello!

Thanks for the little chat!
Loads of love!

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