Local Eats: Cafe Linnea

December 14, 2016

There other day, Joel and I FINALLY made it to Cafe Linnea. We have been trying to go for a while, but have never made during their open hours. You all know how much we love Duchess Bake Shop, so it was only fitting that we try out this place. Our friend was working there which was super awesome because he gave us good recommendations and let us try out their freshly squeezed juice which was really delicious. I personally loved the glasses our drinks were served in and have been looking for them ever since, so if you see any, let me know!

We both started off with a cappuccino. I couldn’t help myself! I haven’t been drinking coffee for about 6 months (because it has been upsetting my stomach like you wouldn’t believe) but I decided to bite the bullet and have a delicious drink. It came with a mini chocolate meringue on the side which was very cute and delicious. I also had a rose lemonade which I can never say no to. When we try out a new restaurant we usually always order things to share so we can try more! We ordered the breakfast tart which was ham & roast squash pastry with poached egg, whipped ricotta, charred scallion, sage, sprouted salad. I really liked this dish, the pastry was actually my favourite part! It was super flavourful and I thought the squash was an interesting but nice choice. We also ordered the oeufs-en-cocotte which was two baked eggs, stewed tomato, roasted red pepper, ramp, herb potato ship, sourdough with house butter. This one tasted like a glorified chili or something…I’m not sure how to describe it. It was good, but wasn’t our favourite. I think we were expecting something a bit different, but we have definitely had these flavours before in a dish so it didn’t blow us away. We finished off our meal with a lemon crepe. This was also good, but we expected a bit more than what we got for the price we paid.

All in all we enjoyed our experience and will probably go back and try new things at some point! The atmosphere is super cute and open which I loved. This place is a bit pricier for the amount of food you get, but we did enjoy what we had. Here are some pictures! (I didn’t have my camera so they are from our iphones, so excuse the lower quality!)

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