Making Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

December 18, 2016

So for the past couple years, I have done a “12 dates of Christmas” for Joel. 12 days before Christmas I take him on small dates or we do things together to get into the holiday spirit. So far this year we have had a board game night with friends, shot some pool, had breakfast in bed, and made ugly sweaters! We were supposed to go on a sleigh ride the other day but it was cancelled because how flippin’ cold it has been here! It’s okay because I have lots more fun holiday activities in store for us 🙂 I got a last minute idea to make some ugly sweaters because for some reason, I didn’t own one! Isn’t it supposed to be a holiday staple to own an ugly Christmas sweater? I got us some sweaters and raided the dollar store for every tacky Christmas knick knack and we went to town. I love being able to take this time to spend with Joel and do things together. We both have such crazy schedules that it is nice to know that we are going to do something with each other each day.
I can’t believe Christmas is only a week away! As a kid the time seemed to take FOREVER to pass before Christmas. It definitely has been harder to get into the holiday spirit this year. Partly because we have had no snow, we work all the way up until the 24 but mostly because a lot of family has dispersed for the season which is hard! Everyone grows up and gets busy but the nostalgia of my childhood holidays is so strong that I secretly wish it could always be the way it was. Hopefully Joel and I can recreate that nostalgia for ourselves and create some new and fun traditions for each other. I know that ugly Christmas sweaters have definitely made the list 😉

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