2017: Year of the Couch (A compilation of triumphs and intentions)

January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!!! How is it that another year has come and gone? The older I get, the fast time flies it seems but I never seem to mind the start of a New Year. Although the 1st day of January is hardly different from the 31 of December, it always feels like a refresh button and the energy that gives me is so very appealing. It’s a perfect chance to reflect on the past year and to create goals for the year ahead. I have had a very lucky year in some aspects of my life and a harder year in other aspects. 2016 was the year I started this blog!!! I can’t believe it is almost a year old, and I am still astounded that I have been so passionate about keeping it going. Thank you to all of you as well who continue to follow my journey! It was also a year where I was offered some exciting work opportunities which I can speak about in a later post when it has been officially announced! I was able to travel, perform to sold out houses, begin directing my first big show, move into the coziest house, get a new kitten, open up to people in ways I haven’t before, and get to know myself even better. 2016 definitely had its ups and downs, like any year will, but it had a lot of great things about it that I will not forget. Now on to the next 🙂

I have tried the whole resolution thing before (as I am sure most of us have done) and have never felt TRUE success in it. A resolution is by definition “a firm decision to do or not to do something”. Being firm eliminates the ability to be flexible and move with change. If I become so set in something, it’s hard to allow myself to grow organically as a result. When I feel stuck, or obligated to do or to be a certain way, I suddenly lack the desire to do it. I more so feel the need to move along with the shifts of the universe and to allow what needs to serve me, do so, and what doesn’t, let go. Instead of resolutions, I have started to prefer to set intentions of how I want to feel. Therefore how I can achieve those feelings can change throughout the year and I do not feel like I have to stick to one thing. For example: instead of making the resolution to exercise everyday, I will set my intention to feel good in my body. If that means for 3 months I get on the treadmill train, perfect, but if that means for 3 months I need to do simple stretches 3 days a week instead, that is fine to. It makes me feel so much more open and malleable when I set these sorts of intentions and give myself room to change and grow. These are some intentions for the 2017. I may add to these as they come to me!

1. Explore silence and space: Find a connection to doing nothing, give myself the time to recharge and to just be
2. Find nourishment: In food, in love, in friendships, in spirituality, in pursuits
3. Be open to giving and receiving love: Chip away at the unnecessary callous, and flood my life with love
4. See value: Give myself credit, see my gifts, trust in my worth
5. Seek to understand before judgment: In conversations, in the actions of others and in myself
6. Feel good in my skin: understand my strength and grace, allow myself to move and to heal

These are always a work in progress. And these things cannot have year limit, but it is good focus for me and will hopefully serve me in the best way they can! I hope you have an amazing year ahead and that you are able to give yourself what serves you best! Lots of love!!

**There is one thing I do want to resolve to do, however… and that, my friends, is to buy a couch. I love our current couch, it is cute, it is antique, and it is mid-century modern at its finest, but it will not hold two people, and it will not provide the couch comfort required on a movie night. You’ve heard it here first friends, let the couch hunt begin.**

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