Kimberley Ski Trip!

January 10, 2017

Just after Christmas, Joel and I braved the HORRIBLE road conditions and drove down to Kimberley BC to go skiing in the mountains with his family for a few days.  We stopped along the way to visit my dad and to go shopping in Calgary which was great, however, we foolishly thought it would only take the 4 hours stated by google maps to get from Calgary to Kimberley, but instead it took us close to 8! Joel’s car is a bit older so it has a harder time in snowy/windy conditions so we were basically fighting the elements the whole way there. We got there safe and sound though and had a relaxing time in the hot tub so it was well worth it for me 😉 This was my second time in Kimberley (if you missed my first post you can see our travel post and video here). This trip was the first time I have gone in winter though and it was beautiful! I love that our condo was right on the hill with the hot tub facing towering pine trees. I wish I could be there more often! I have never done a ski trip. I’ve been skiing in the mountains once before and it was an adventure. Some minor panic attacks on the hill and bulldozing down children and I made it to the bottom. I was hoping this time would be different. It was! I only fell one time which was awesome, but still felt slightly panicked when surrounded by pro skiers and little children learning haha. It was an awesome time though, and I got to gaze at the most beautiful views from the top of the mountain. I want to get more into skiing (I do the small hills in Edmonton every now and again). I didn’t ski much as a child because I grew up in Mexico, and well….not much skiing to be had there. So hopefully I get more confident and can make more ski trips happen! Here are some pictures of our time in Kimberley!

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